Confession Of A Disillusioned Liberal?

Liberal editorial cartoonist & writer Ted Rall seems to have had an epiphany about the professional Left, Democrats, & President Barack Obama that he decided to share with the public:

I didn’t count on the cult of personality around Barack Obama.

In the 1990s it was OK to attack (President Bill) Clinton from the left. I went after the Man From Hope and his centrist, “triangulation”-obsessed Democratic Leadership Council for selling out progressive principles. Along with like-minded political cartoonists including Tom Tomorrow and Lloyd Dangle, my cartoons and columns took Clinton’s militant moderates to the woodshed for NAFTA, the WTO and welfare reform. A pal who worked in the White House informed me that the President, known for his short temper, stormed into his office and slammed a copy of that morning’s Washington Post down on the desk with my cartoon showing. “How dare your friend compare me to Bush?” he shouted. (The first Bush.)

It was better than winning a Pulitzer.

It feels a little weird to write this, like I’m telling tales out of school and ratting out the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy. But it’s true: there’s less room for a leftie during the Age of Obama than there was under Bush.

I didn’t realize how besotted progressives were by Mr. Hopey Changey.

I hear this type of commentary a lot these days from some of my liberal/Democrat friends. What strikes me about Rall’s opinion piece is that it comes from a hard-core lefty who authored “The Anti-American Manifesto” & other polemical screeds over the years. Is Rall becoming a genuine apostate from the cult of The One or is this a clever political feint designed to lull conservatives/Republicans into becoming complacent before they choose their standard bearer for the 2012 election? I don’t know. The real question is what kind of action Rall & his fellow-travelers will take if their insight(s) on Obama is genuine?

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