Brown doing the heavy lifting on the fishing industry’s battle v. NOAA

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Senator Scott Brown is literally running circles around the older Senator Kerry while on Beacon Hill. This really should surprise no one since the elder Edward Kennedy did the same,  even while he was terminally ill.

Yesterday the New Bedford and Gloucester fishing fleets got what they were looking for in a senate sub-committee hearing thanks mainly to Senator Brown.

NOAA administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco is a typical Obama administraion official. “It’s the ecology stupid”, and she is in her wheel house charged with monitoring the amount of fish being hauled out of the ocean.

Lubchenco is a well known conservationist and even before she was appointed by Obama, she flouted her desire to cut the fishing fleet by two-thirds while at the Pew Foundation, heavily funded by? Senator John Kerry and his wife Theresa. In fact Senator Kerry’s brother Cameron is representing the federal government against the Massachusetts fishermen in court.

* One guess as to how Cam got that job.

Brown is the ranking member of the Financial Management, Government Information, Federal Services and International Security Committee.

Steve Urbon reporting for the New Bedford Standard Times seemed very reluctant to even mention Republican Senator Brown being on the panel, nevermind the chief reason the hearing will take place.

June 20 at 10:00 am at Fanueil Hall Dr. Lubchenco will be asked about missing millions of dollars from fines accrued by capricious NOAA agents who have been transferred out of the region. Cars, trips and other life enhancing expenditures have been paid by these clearly unjust fines, many of which were ordered to be returned to the fishermen  earlier this week.

$48M is still unaccounted for.  The attack on the fishing fleet by the Obama administration has gone mostly under-reported by the press but the incestuous relationships  that exist between those defending the federal government and those charged with defending the fishermen is an outrageous story no one seems to want to touch.

In the fourteen months since this story began, I’ve heard the Massachusetts delegation and the liberal newspaper here mention the Obama Administration by name, a grand total of one time and that’s when I pressed the observation on air for weeks. Frank finally acknowledged the obvious in an interview with Saving Seafood’s Bob Vanasse on WBSM’s Mid Morning Magazine with Phil Paleologos.

I sat in the Senate Foreign Relations Chamber in April and listened to scientists, practical experts in the field of fishing, Congressman Frank(D-MA), New Bedford Mayor Scott Lang (D-MA) and Senator Brown (R-MA) as they conversed, inquired and answered a lot of questions about the accuracy of the science used to count fish etc.

When Mayor Lang assumed Senator Kerry wanted a turn to speak, the slouching and quite obviously bored Kerry stood up and said this: ” Actually Scott I came here just to listen. A lot of things are perculating, a lot of things are cooking. We are pressing in many areas but to be honest I just came here to listen.” He spoke for the first and only time here and as is customary, Senator Kerry last to enter..was the first to leave.

*I’m pretty sure he heard me snicker at his obvious indifference to his duties.

It pains the liberal newspaper in New Bedford to even mention Brown’s DNA on the upcoming hearing. The sad, pitiful and pettiness of the editor Bob Unger is going to hurt New Bedford one of these days.

He may hate the idea that a Republican is sitting in the seat once held by Ted Kennedy but Scott Brown is more than pulling his own weight on this..he is puling Kerry’s dead weight as well and may be the savior to the city’s only industry worth mentioning.

Something else we’ve come to expect.…

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