BREAKING – Alicea still casting votes

According to sources on Beacon Hill.  Should be former State Representative Geraldo Alicea is still casting votes on Beacon Hill the day after he lost a special election to fill his former seat.  This is unacceptable.  Peter Durant was the winner of the November election by 5 votes. With the help of his cousin Madeline Daoust, the town clerk of Southbridge, Geraldo Alicea was able to get a judge to declare the race a tie even though Peter Durant had a one vote lead after the recount process.

The Democratic controlled legislature allowed Alicea to be seated at the start of this session even though the race ended in a tie and called a new election. This election was yesterday, Geraldo Alicea conceded, he should not be voting.  

Geraldo Alicea should honor his word and stop the mockery of democracy that is him voting.  These votes by Alicea, and the Democratic Leadership’s allowing of them are beyond the pale.

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