Bipartisanship in the Senate

    About a month ago, Senator Jamie Eldridge’s office filed legislation on my behalf. The draft bills, currently Senate Dockets 1921 and 1922, deal with improving the business climate in the state beyond the Clawback bill, and reforming state government while reducing spending. Granted, they’re both large-scale undertakings, but I feel it is necessary to get them on the floor in the Senate. Fortunately, I’ve received cooperation from Jamie’s office, but the dockets are still held up in the Ethics and Rules Committee.

   I’ve been told that in order for them to be admitted to the Senate, the committee would need a request from the office of a Senator, which means that I’m calling for Jamie’s continued support and assistance.

   This would be a testament to what bipartisanship should be – Eldridge doesn’t have to necessarily agree with the bills, but nevertheless he can help to get an outside, citizen opinion heard on the Senate floor.

   We must improve the small business climate in this state in order to remain competitive.  

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