Another day another crime..Ghost passes edition. is reporting that the Senate has passed sweeping changes to the manner in which the probation department is managed.

And as if almost on cue, another case of fraud in the Commonwealth magically fills the void left by the probation scandal on the long list of crimes against the taxpayer.  

AG: Sale of ‘ghost passes’ cost MBTA millions of dollars

Attorney General Martha Coakley said today an employee of an MBTA contractor has been selling fake subway, bus, and commuter rail passes since at least 2007, a multi-million-dollar scheme that was the largest “ghost pass” fraud in the agency’s history.

“We think it’s millions, something under $5 million at this stage,” said Coakley. “This is by far, in scope and the amount of money involved, the largest scheme of this type.”…

You can’t make this crap up! What’s it going to be tomorrow?

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