The Lowell Sun Highlights Scott Brown Being “Intentionally Ambiguous on the Issues”

RMGers, you tell me. Is the Lowell Sun – not exactly a bastion of liberalism – wrong in pointing out all of the ways that Scott Brown fails to demonstrate conviction?

Will the real Scott Brown please stand up? […]

There is Brown’s continued vagueness on key issues facing the federal government, especially when it comes to where he stands on the budget fight.

While Brown professes cuts to the budget to reduce the deficit, he refuses to offer specifics to either the public or the press as to what or where he’d cut the budget.

As a result of this vagueness, Brown is drawing criticism from both the left and right, although his aides have shrugged it off, noting he’s a fiscal conservative who wants to work both sides of the aisle.

It appears to us that Brown is being deliberately foggy on the key issues in an attempt to assuage all sides. […]

As Brown’s constituents and pundits try to decipher what Brown is for and what Brown is against, Kennedy never triggered such speculation or doubt.

The “Liberal Lion’s” constituents, colleagues and columnists usually knew where he stood on the issues, regardless of how distasteful some of them may have found Kennedy’s stances.

In that regard, Kennedy won respect for standing up for the issues he believed in.

And that hard-earned respect came from both sides of the political aisle.

Brown will never earn that kind of respect if he continues to be intentionally ambiguous on the issues.

Research a position, stand up and fight for it.

The respect will follow.

Brown’s constituents deserve absolute disclosure of how their senator views the issues, and far less fence-sitting.

Big time ouch: “continued vagueness,” “refuses to offer specifics,” “deliberately foggy,” “intentionally ambiguous on the issues.”  Those phrases are not how someone (much less the editorial board of the conservative Lowell Sun) should refer to a man of conviction and leadership. Perhaps the truck-driving bravado that costumes over Scott Brown’s political cowardice and substantive simplicity is beginning to crack a bit.

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