Please stop with this green insanity!

I am surprised at the number of so called Republicans on this greenie bandwagon of windmills and solar power. Not mentioning any names but they need to be ashamed at the propaganda they are buying in to and seem to be incapable of doing simple math.    

Ok, the ultimate goal is we want to go all green, want to change our cars to run on electricity (our government has already spent billions for a car battery) but to do this we need something green, wind and/or solar power. This seems to be a simple conversion, 746 watts equals one horsepower, and an average car is about 200 horsepower (some much more) or 149,200 watts. There are some 254,400,000 cars in the US or equivalent to 37,956,480,000,000 watts. Forgoing the entire math on transmission line loss and all the others factors how close is this lower horsepower come to equaling wind and/or solar power. Wind turbines run from 25,000 to 2,500,000 watts, lets use a middle number of 1,262,500 so we may have a chance of planting one of these in your back yard. That would mean we need 30,064,539 windmills to equal the power in our cars. There are 3,794,083 square miles (including water) in the US or a windmill planted every 8 miles, which is why I picked the middle number so we may have a chance of planting one of these in your back yard. Let us next add in the service to households, there are about 130,000,000 households in the US, mostly with 100 amp service (with others having 200 or more amp service) or 12,000 watts each or over 1,560,000,000,000 watts total. Again, I picked the lower number for an example. Now we are up to 39,516,480,000,000 watts or 31,300,182 windmills or a windmill placed almost every tenth of a mile. The good news is that if we use the larger windmills they would only have to be placed every 6 miles but the bad news is the much larger sector, our industry and jobs also need power. For photovoltaic solar panels, 125 square feet equals about 100 watts sunny day idealistically, realistically they only work half the day, we do have a cloudy day or two and have a large conversion loss going from DC to AC, thus more realistically 50 watts. To produce the 39,516,480,000,000 watts service we have now we would need 3,543,646 square miles of solar panels out of the 3,794,083 square miles (including water) in the US. Again, this does not include our industry and jobs but there is good news, the government is only trying to mandate a third of our energy to come from renewable resources such as wind and/or solar power for starters. We have some choices to be made here and they include sever rationing of power and/or eliminating or industries and jobs, or stop this insanity and find a better way to produce power.          

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