Patrick vetos Perry Job

Not entirely sure the Governor has learned from his mistake (Marian Walsh) or if he’s a sizable hypocrit. Or maybe both. For the record, Walsh’s original salary offer was for $175,000 and she agreed to accept $120,000. And for the record, it is my view that Perry never should have been offered the job in the first place.

April 11, 2011

Governor Deval Patrick said today that he will veto a $104,000 budget request from the sheriff’s office that hired former state representative and failed GOP congressional candidate Jeffrey Perry to a $110,000-a-year position earlier this year.

Patrick said he would veto the money for the Barnstable County Sheriff not because he hired Perry, but because the position Perry was hired to fill had been vacant for several years.…

Walsh pulls out amid uproar

Senator will not pursue $120,000-a-year state post

By Frank Phillips, Globe Staff    

April 1, 2009

State Senator Marian Walsh abandoned her appointment yesterday to a $120,000-a-year position at a state authority, a decision that follows two tumultuous weeks for Governor Deval Patrick and was made amid what Walsh described as a “tsunami” of public outrage.

“I feel I have become the issue,” said Walsh, appearing at Patrick’s side after meeting privately with the governor in his office.

The assistant executive director job at the authority had been vacant for 12 years, and Patrick and Walsh were never able to put forth an argument that convinced critics that it needed to be filled now, at a time when the state and Massachusetts residents are reeling from the recession.…

Hey, does anyone know if Marian made it into Deval’s tell all autobiography?

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