Now Marcia Coakley investigates Tim Cahill….??

Boston Globe headlines report that Attorney General Marcia Coakley of Masatoosits is now seeking records from Tim Cahill’s former office in regards to what may be a questionable campaign blitz using public funds to promote Cahill for Governor.  Tim Cahill was soundly defeated in an embarrassment of a Gubernatorial campaign staged last year to replace Deval Patrick.  Tim Cahill, who is currently employed at a Revere Beach car wash as a sponge boy could not be reached for comment.

During the campaign, little Timmy Cahill organized a Lottery advertisement schedule that seemed oddly to promote his run for Governor via the success of the lottery, instead of the lottery itself.  Many here on RMG questioned it from the start, but the Attorney Generals office was eerily silent, as it is on most issues that challenge the socialist agenda of the Democrats.

Had this investigation been conducted in a timely fashion, instead of waiting a full year, the outcome of the Governor’s race might have been very different.  Deval Patrick beat Charlie Baker by a margin not much different than the total support of Timmy Cahill.

My point in all this?  Had Marcia Coakley of Massatoosits done her job when it was supposed to be done, it might have changed things.  When a candidate for office is improperly using public funds to finance a campaign the time to investigate is right then and there, not a year later when the election is over and everyone is back to work.  Sometimes, public servants like Marcia Coakley need to do their job when it is right, not when it is convenient for them and their agenda.  Of course, last year Marcia couldn’t be bothered with an investigation because she was working full time on her re election campaign.

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