MASSterList: Budget week begins – Muni health at heart of debate – DiMasi trial to kick off

Welcome to Budget Week

The opening salvos of this year's budget debate are imminent (AP). Provisions granting municipalities greater control over employee health care (WBUR) are expected to be at the heart of the battle, which begins in the House at noon today. The Salem News takes a look at the divisions in the House over the health care plan.

DiMASI: Across the harbor, the corruption trial of former House Speaker Sal DiMasi is also set to begin tomorrow (Sun). The Herald sets the tone for the “drawn-out, complicated trial.”

LANTIGUA: Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua didn't have a super great weekend, as it was revealed that he is the subject of federal and state probes (Globe). He denies any wrongdoing (Eagle Trib.) as city officials call for his resignation (Eagle Trib) and/or possible recall (Herald).

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