Integrity of the Vote MONEY BOMB!

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Empower Massachusetts and Show ID to Vote launched the Integrity of the Vote campaign this week in the 6th Worcester district.  We are dispatching Poll Observers to monitor next week’s Primary on April 12th.  We put up a billboard!  We will be in Boston at the Tax Day Tea Party rally Friday April 15th and at the Worcester Tea party and Pig Roast on Monday April 18th sharing the message.  We will sign up more Citizen Poll Observers.  

We need your help to keep the campaign going through the May 10th Special Elections.  Help us ensure a fair and accurate outcome.  Help us keep this issue front and center in the minds of voters!

Please donate today to keep the Integrity of the Vote campaign going through May 10th. Please donate $25, $50 or $100 today to this important campaign.

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