Frankly Ms. Daoust, it is your job

The left is putting a full court press on the efforts of EMPOWER MA and Show ID to vote’s campaign for electoral integrity in the 6th Worcester District.  Democrats and Progressives are trying to say the campaign is motivated by race and not by wanting to see only those eligible to vote, cast votes in elections.  Over at Blue Mass Group, Democratic State Committeewoman Kate Donahue goes so far as to call it voter intimidation.

It looks like the Sixth Worcester District is ground zero of the efforts to suppress voters here in Massachusetts.  The Worcester Telegram covered the issue of voter suppression in yesterday’s primary.  This includes this billboard which appears to attempt to create the impression that you have to show an ID to vote.

I was on the streets in Southbridge, encouraging people to vote. I was in a number of different neighborhoods and the word was spreading that Latinos were being asked to show their ID to vote. I did meet a voter who told me that she had been turned away from voting for Geraldo in the last election in a situation in which she should have been given a provisional ballot.

Southbridge Town Clerk, and Geraldo Alicea cousin Madeline Daoust has even gone so far as to ask the Department of Justice to get involved in the upcoming May 10th special election.

The town is requesting the assistance of the U.S. Justice Department in thwarting groups that may seek to intimidate voters, Town Manager Christopher Clark said yesterday.

Empower Massachusetts and Show ID to Vote, organizations with tea party ties, were at Tuesday’s special primary for the 6th Worcester District House seat, calling for voters to voluntarily show identification at the polls.

Mr. Clark said he was offended by the groups’ presence.

Ms. Daoust made a remarkable claim later in the article.  She said it wasn’t her job to turn away voters.

The clerk said she was surprised by the level of observers from campaigns and the back-and-forth challenging from the groups. She said she wanted voters to know it wasn’t the town being a hindrance.

“Some people left saying, ‘I’ll never vote again,’ ” she said. “We’re not here to turn people away.”

Actually Ms. Daoust’s job is to turn people away, and that is the reason that groups like EMPOWER MA and Show ID to vote have taken an interest in this campaign.  The attitude Ms. Daoust has shown to people who’s sole goal it is to preserve the integrity of elections, coupled with the sloppiness of the way, under Ms. Daoust’s leadership, the town of Southbridge stores ballots and conducts recounts, further emphasizes the need for these groups to be vigilant.  Under Massachusetts law, as the chief election officer of Southbridge, Ms. Daoust has a statutory duty to turn people away who are ineligible to vote.  If the town clerk understood and followed that law, there would be no reason for EMPOWER MA and Show ID to Vote to get involved.

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  • CVarley

    Her town brought in Boston lefty election lawyers – who challenged every one of our challenges.  And attempted to intimidate us.  And attempted to hinder our observations.  And attempted to have us removed.  And reminded us what the penalty for unsubstantiated and intimidating challenges.  And.  And.  And.

    I welcome the Dept. of Justice – I think.  But can we launch a “bail me out of jail” money bomb?

  • politicalmadman

    It would add the needed exposure to this effort. The press would eat this up nationally. Then maybe more money will follow allowing them to man the tables in many more areas driving the liberals crazy !  

  • Yes… and Stop&Shop is suppressing citizens’ ability to cash a check.  

    My local ER is suppressing the ability of the citizens to obtain medical care (they request ID with insurance info).

    How on earth are these people without ID supposed to purchase over the counter decongestants at CVS if they have a stuffy nose? The good ones that be used to cook meth…not the stuff you find in the aisles…need to show the pharmacist an ID to get those.

    How could they get on an airplane? Rent an apartment? Open a bank account? Apply for a job? Buy alcohol or tobacco if they look young?

    Suppress the vote…what a load of BS.