Environment Massachusetts Global Warming Advocate Ben Wright doesn’t realize water can be a gas

A lot of us conservatives have borne the slings and arrows of the left over the fact that “we just don’t understand” science, or that we are afraid of scientific facts.  Well that one can be put to bed.  In a comment, to a post at Blue Mass Group regarding Brown’s vote to stop the EPA from regulation carbon dioxide, the “global warming advocate” for Environment Massachusetts Ben Wright showed a complete lack of understanding of basic second grade science. And yes that said “global warming advocate”, not climate scientist, but someone with an International Relations degree that has nothing to do with science.  I posited the question in the post, “as an aside does that [regulation of greenhouse gasses] include water?”  Here is Mr. Wright’s response.


No, it does not include water (not quite sure how water -a liquid could be a green house gas, btw).

First off water has three states, and possible a fourth and fifth if you consider it in the plasma and supercritical fluid state.   Water, as most of us know, is a molecule made up of the covalent bonding of two hydrogen atoms to an oxygen atom.  It has the remarkable property, at common earthly temperatures, of being a vapor (gas), a solid (ice), and a liquid.  While colloquially we call the liquid “water” in fact it is still water while it is a gas, and still water while it is a solid.  We just use other colloquial names for it.

Second,  atmospheric water vapor (you know its still water) is the largest contributor to the greenhouse effect.

I’m wondering if Mr. Wright also realizes that the metal steel can be a liquid, and that metal mercury can be a gas.

So to the state legislators that have, no doubt, heard Mr. Wright testify before them, I think its safe to say that you shouldn’t take anything based on science he says seriously.  He has shown an utter lack of knowledge of basic, elementary school, science.

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    Or so says this website that seems to have a basic understanding of science.

    “Water vapour is the most important greenhouse gas. If you get a fall evening and the sky is clear, heat will escape, the temperature will drop. If there’s cloud cover, the heat is trapped by water vapour and the temperature stays warm. If you go to In Salah in southern Algeria, they recorded at noon 52°C. By midnight, it’s -3.6°C. It’s caused because there is very little water vapour in the atmosphere and is a demonstration of water vapour as the most important greenhouse gas.

    Here is another scientific view:

    At numerous environmental conferences, greenhouse gases, such as CO2 and methane (CH4), are discussed primarily while many times the role of water vapor in both its natural and anthropogenic aspects remains unmentioned.  Yet water vapor not only holds the pole position concerning the natural greenhouse effect, but also participates in the additional absorption of heat in the atmosphere which is exclusively caused by human activities.

    So it appears that water vapor is the single largest component of greenhouse gas.  I guess the federal government should start outlawing water any moment now.  But of course, “if water is outlawed, then only outlaws will have water.”

  • Polar Stratospheric Clouds are “water” too…and this is where inert atmospheric reservoir chlorine (chlorine nitrate and hydrochloric acid)…is converted to chlorine monoxide….the ozone killer!!!

    BTW….the ozone hole is about to open up for the summer…….RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!

    Don’t forget…..ACID RAIN!!!!!!  IT’S GONNA KILL EVERYONE!!!!

    (hint:  they like it when you are in perpetual fear)

  • wife’s cousin married a climate activist non-science hippy….she goes to China all the time and comes back boasting about how China is the best country in the world and how much $$$ they’re putting into “green” technology.

    So I ask “Is this the same China that is opening a new coal-fired power plant every week?  The same China that is polluting its rivers and killing off entire species of river dolphins?”


    Forced abortions?

    THAT China?

    She doesn’t like me very much….and I couldn’t care less.

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    I pretty much brag about that all the time!

  • Here is my response to you just posted on BMG.

    I would call the gas “water vapor”.  I would call the solid “ice”.

    But it is kind of interesting, now that I think about it.  H20 seems like one of the only things that we have a common names in all three classical states, probably because humans frequently encounter all three.

    I’m pretty sure you’re actually responding to the tone of my first sentence.  Now that I am reading it again, it is not actually as civil as it should be.

    I also know that you are not convinced that anthropogenic global warming is a real phenomenon.  What do you think about Brown’s votes for against Stabenow and Baucus?

       Second,  atmospheric water vapor (you know its still water) is the largest contributor to the greenhouse effect.

    RE: Water Vapor.  My point about water vapor is simply, it is not found to endanger public health in MA vs EPA.  Yes, it is a green house gas, but it’s increase (beyond normal variations) is more a function of the warming we are causing by emitting more of other green house gases.

    Apologies for the tone, but questions about the Senator’s stance still stand.  Let me know if you have any thoughts.



  • edfactor

    So, there is no significant debate on whether the Earth is warming (thermometers are not lying to us) or whether humans have put a lot of extra carbon into the air (we can and have measured that).  The real debate is whether the carbon has caused the warming.

    On that issue, while there is strong historical correlation between carbon levels and warming, we don’t quite have proof. Professor Lindzen of MIT (mentioned here before) is working on the big issue that the climate models have a hard time with: water vapor in the form of clouds. All agree that clouds have a big impact on climate, but we don’t know enough about them yet. Lindzen believes his study of clouds will help us more properly understand their role in climate, which would be great.

    For all RMGers who think that uncertainty over water vapor means we can just dismiss climate change as a hoax, note this: even Professor Lindzen has said publicly that he believes the planet is warming, carbon levels are way up, and we are the cause. He also believes there is strong correlation between carbon and average surface temperature. What he doesn’t believe is that we are sure enough to create these models going far into the future. However, he thinks climate change is a big deal, and should not be ignored.

    So, by all means, support more research into water vapor and climate before we accept the predictions of the models. But don’t think that it relieves us of responsibility of dealing with climate change now. (And by “us” I primarily mean individuals and corporations, not unwise government schemes.)

  • Consider the campaign to hold CO2 concentrations to 350ppm.  The only way this could be achieved is to immediately stop all greenhouse gas emissions.  I suppose the cause is ennobled by its complete impossibility…

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    Does this mean we can start calling Ben Wright, Ben Wrong now?