Do You Know Any Cheeseheads?

Many pundits have noted the conservative apathy regarding the Wisconsin judicial election. I have also noticed the apathy and feel a little ashamed that I didn’t do more to help. Despite being a superior candidate, Judge Prosser finds himself an underdog to an activist, ideological retread who possesses little respect for the rule of law and even less respect for common decency. There is little to write that hasn’t already been written.

This is just a reminder that the election is tomorrow and that it is important for all Americans. A victory for the Left could validate the abusive tactics used in Madison, and those tactics will spread. It will inspire the recall elections in Wisconsin and lay the groundwork for 2012. The media may use the election to mark the death knell of union reform measures everywhere, and, of course, they will gleefully report on the demise of the Tea Party. Soft Republicans and moderates may abandon the issue of union reform in states like New Hampshire and Maine.

On a side note, the Left is unscrupulously using a priest pedophile case to smear Prosser. It’s been despicable, and reminiscent of the Scott Brown rape victim ads:

Here is the response from the victim:

It’s a little too late now, but if you know anyone with any kind of connections to Wisconsin, please reach out and help push Judge Prosser over the finish line. I’ll let the man speak for himself. READ AND WATCH!

One more decent ad on the race for good measure:

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