DiMasi could lose his North End condo! No kidding!

Apparently for $125 per hour, the prescribed rate for a public defender, you get pretty awesome advice. In what only can be described as PR specifically designed to soften up the jury pool, Sal’s legal team is floating the idea that Sal may lose his North End condo if he loses the upcoming criminal case.

No shit!

While the facts may very well be on the side of Sal’s $125 per hr legal team, it does seem that where he lives if convicted might be determined by the Commonwealth, not by Mr. and Mrs. DiMasi.

I’m thinking Sal might have thought about his living arrangements prior to getting in his current entanglement.

Keep the entertainment coming!

Attorneys for former Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi want the jury in his upcoming federal corruption trial to know he could lose his North End condo if convicted.

Thomas Kiley, who is representing DiMasi, confirmed he filed documents with the court arguing that given the fact that jurors will be determining whether DiMasi’s home must be forfeited, there is no reason to block him from presenting certain relevant facts.

Among those is the fact the 220 Commercial Street in Boston is the residence of DiMasi’s family.


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