Amid Perjury Allegations, MassGOP Asks Galvin to Run 6th Worcester Special, & for Daost to Recuse

Amid the shocking revelations in today’s Worcester Telegram & Gazette, that Southbridge Town Clerk, Madeline Daost is alleged to have committed perjury during the Alicea – Durant trial, the Massachusetts Republican Party has formally called on the Secretary of State William F. Galvin to oversee the May 10, 2011 special election.  In a press release just obtained the GOP makes the request.

MassGOP Calls for Galvin to Run Special Election

& Town Clerk to Step Aside

BOSTON – MassGOP Chairman Jennifer Nassour today urged Secretary of State Bill Galvin to intercede in the May 10 special election for the 6th Worcester House District to ensure an honest election. Today’s Telegram & Gazette reports the Southbridge Town Clerk, while testifying in the February trial over the disputed election, withheld information.  The chairman’s letter to Secretary Galvin follows:

The Honorable William F. Galvin

Secretary of the Commonwealth

Elections Division

McCormack Building, Room 1705

One Ashburton Place

Boston, MA 02108

VIA FACSIMILIE: (617) 742-3238

                                                               April 22, 2011

Dear Secretary Galvin,                                          

I write today to request that you, as the chief elections officer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, intercede in the upcoming special election in the 6th Worcester House District to ensure the integrity and honesty of the election in the Town of Southbridge.  Recent troubling revelations raise serious questions about the Town Clerk of Southbridge and the election process in that town.

I refer you to today’s edition of the Telegram & Gazette newspaper.  According to that report, while under oath in the February trial over this disputed House election, the town clerk failed to reveal she sold her house to the man whose disputed ballot forced the court-ordered special election.  Further, the town clerk told the newspaper she withheld the information from the court because “they didn’t ask me that,” even though she had sworn to tell the whole truth.

Furthermore, it has also been previously revealed that the town clerk is related to the Democrat candidate, Rep. Geraldo Alicea, who lost the November election and the recount, only to see a judge order a new election after the court was denied information by the town clerk.

This disturbing revelation has undoubtedly shaken the public confidence and trust in the electoral process in the Town of Southbridge.  As chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party, my utmost concern is that elections in Massachusetts be held in a fair and honest manner.  The Massachusetts Republican Party has lost confidence in the Southbridge Town Clerk, and I urge her to step aside and for your office to intercede to ensure the integrity of the ballot box.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this important matter.


Jennifer A. Nassour


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