This is Leadership?

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    That the price of a gallon of gas has reached new highs since 2008 will choke off our economic growth.  That President Obama has done nothing is not the leadership of change he promised.  When he took office, the price of gas averaged $1.81 per gallon.  Today we’re at anywhere from $3.45 to $4.19; that an economic recovery does not make.  

   President Bush acted decisively in July 2008 when he terminated his father’s moratorium on off-shore drilling, put the strategic reserves into play, and allowed drilling with less red-tape on the land.  The price on July 13, 2008 fell from $147 to $50 per barrel in December.  Speculators got slaughtered and rightly so.  Oil should not be traded in this regard as its a National Security issue.  sorry free traders but I hate putting the lives of young men and women at risk for the benefit of your portfolios.  

  So is this change you can believe in?  Keep it up and we’ll have a new president in office before too much damage is foisted upon Main Street.  

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