There’s a term for this… and it isn’t “economic development”

So yesterday, financial services giant Fidelity announced plans to move roughly 1,000 jobs from Marlborough to Rhode Island and New Hampshire.  But they still employ somewhere around 8,400 people here in the Commonwealth.  Company spokeswoman Anne Crowley made this not-so-subtle point today (from the State House News Service): “We still employ thousands of people here, and have invested hundreds of millions of dollars of capital. There are many corporations that have left the state altogether. We’re still hiring.”

They won’t be hiring for long, if some cranky members of the Massachusetts Democratic legislature have anything to say about it.   One might think that when a major employer and favorite corporate child decides to shift a pile of jobs both up and down the road, government leaders would want to know how it came to that decision. Is there any chance of convincing the company to reverse course?  What do we need to do to make sure the remainder of those 8,000+ jobs stay here? 

But no.  A day after Fidelity’s decision, legislative Democrats are thinking not of improving the business conditions that would prompt an employer to look elsewhere, but rather of punishing a company that had the temerity to make an unfortunate but wholly rational business decision. 

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