The Power to Wage War

(GWB who got congress’ permission is a war criminal

Obama is a modern day Eisenhower – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

It seems that Hillary Clinton and her cabal of war mongerers at the executive level forgot to advise congress that they intended to wage war with a sovereign nation in N. Africa. Isn’t that rich.

Actually they not only intended on waging war—they did it. At least Lyndon Johnson had the courtesy and forethought to trump up some outlandish story of a US destroyer being attacked by a sampan.In this instant case there are absent any US citizens, property or interests in danger. There is simply a civil war going on in Libya and apparently Mrs Clinton doesn’t like who is winning, so she launched 118 cruise missiles against the wishes of the secretary of defense and members of the national security council at the country of Libya without seeking approval of congress. As everyone must know by now, if the United States of America is in imminent peril the president can take whatever means he deems necessary to protect the nation and its citizens—THEN he must receive the advice and consent of congress. Would someone like to point out how Muammar has a dagger at our hearts?

The folks at Blue Mass Group—you know—the folks who wanted George Bush eviscerated, drawn and quartered and then tried for war crimes—yes—that Blue Mass Group—the kindness cookie crowd are raling for a full scale attack with everything from cluster bombs to napalm. Incredibly this ilk, who likely not one of them have served in our armed forces, now find themselves advocating for war and putting American lives in imminent peril—for a Libyan civil war?

Is this world getting bizarre or what?  The icing on the cake is our commander in chief is on vacation in Rio, the VP is at a train station dedication for himself, the Sec of State is languishing in a hotel in Paris, and there isn’t a single soul at the helm in Washington.

In 2012 it is likely that the only state that will go for the present incompetent in chief is Massachusetts. How sad is that?

BTW, each cruise missile goes for approx 1.1 million per copy.  That’s dollars–and they have to be replaced.  

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