Teacher’s union protects child predators….

Many folks are outraged by the abuse of the Catholic Church leaders that allowed child predators to be quietly transfered out of their positions to avoid the awful secret of their sickness.  But what about the teacher’s unions?  We don’t generally think of teachers as child predators and abusers, do we?  In fact, we are told they are overworked, underpaid local heroes, who deserve the best pensions, healthcare and assorted benefits – because its for the kids!

According to this recap of a 2004 Hofstra University study:

 A 2004 study by Hofstra University scholar Charol Shakeshaft on the sexual misconduct of public school teachers is a shocking wake-up call that was widely ignored by the public union-friendly press. And even worse, the public teachers unions protected many of the offending teachers and allowed them to quietly transfer to other schools where they victimized more children. “Examples include touching breasts or genitals of students; oral, anal, and vaginal penetration; showing students pictures of a sexual nature; and sexually-related conversations, jokes, or questions directed at students.”

Everyone agrees that the sex scandal in the Catholic Church is a tragedy of immense proportions and the media has done a good job at uncovering the network of cover-ups and lies that harmed children irreparably. But what would you say if I told you that the public school system, which is about the same size as the Catholic Church in America with a school in every parish, has more sexual abuse cases in ten years than the Catholic Church has had in fifty? The mishandling of sex offenders in the public school system has cost hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees to the taxpayers and unmeasurable damage to the victims.

The article details the story of 7 such child predators, or heroes as some say, and how they were protected by the teachers unions.  

Time to stop the unions folks…  

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