“Sweet Fancy Moses!” Patrick Admin does the Elaine

Observing the Patrick Administration lately I cannot help but return to an observation I made back in June of last year: “A vote for inspiring Candidate Patrick gets you… four more years of feckless Governor Patrick.”

With all of their flailing and thrashing about on everything from the probation and parole scandals that broke almost immediately in the wake of the 2010 election, to the more recent Fidelity job losses and Big Dig ceiling fiasco reprise, a political observer in the Commonwealth begins to feel like he’s watching a never-ending loop of the infamous Elaine Dance.

The most recent Administration spasm came today, from our newly repatriated Governor, who told reporters at the State House that although the recent Fidelity decision to ship over a thousand jobs out of state may be “a done deal” from “Fidelity’s perspective,” he wants to meet with Company executives so that they can “say that to my face.”

Excellent.  And if that doesn’t work, the Governor can challenge them to meet him behind the back-stop after school.  That’ll learn ’em.

This latest fit of pique comes immediately on the heels of a fantabulous display of organizational dysfunction related to this week’s (not last month’s) news of more gravity-induced problems in the Big Dig tunnels.

As the Patrick Administration would have us believe it, five weeks ago an eight-foot section of tunnel lighting crashed to the roadway, neither injuring nor – thankfully – killing a soul, but raising certain obvious questions about the integrity of the hardware holding the rest of the thousands of tunnel lights to the ceiling.  Transportation Secretary Jeff Mullan swung appropriately into action, initiating an investigation and check of the remaining lights.  But – we’re told – he did not tell the Governor or anyone in the Governor’s office about the incident until last Friday , when he briefed the Governor’s staff (and Acting Governor Murray).  THEN, nobody bothered to loop in the Governor until TUESDAY, another four days later, when the Gov – ever with his finger on the pulse – instructed Mullan to un-sheath his sword, issue a tragic mea culpa, and fall upon the blade (and to notify the press).

Careful readers will detect a note a skepticism in the above paragraph, for which – let me be clear – I have no concrete basis whatsoever.  It’s just that I worked in the Governor’s office, in the Romney Administration, and nothing like this mess would ever have happened under Mitt.  Ever.  Ev-er

Today Governor Patrick said he was “frustrated” that he was not informed of the incident sooner, but that Secretary Mullan has “taken the right step by apologizing.”  If a member of the Romney Administration had failed to report such an event to the Governor for so much as an hour – never mind five weeks – well, there would have been more serious consequences.  Jobs lost.  Heads rolling… 

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