So long, Breyers

The Milford Daily News runs a sad blurb today:


Breyers has finally stopped churning ice cream here, two years after it gave notice of a shutdown to employees and the community.

Breyers’ parent company Unilever has laid off nearly all the 174 employees at the manufacturing plant on Old Connecticut Path. A small number will remain on through May 31, when the facility closes after 47 years.

If you happen to be partial to Breyers, never fear.  You’ll still be able to get your fix at the grocery store.  But now it will be made in Tennessee.  You know, a state where a manufacturer can still manage to make both a product and a profit.

Did they tell him to his face?

This isn’t really news.  It rates only passing mention because today’s shutdown is merely the culmination of a prolonged wind-down process begun with the announcement of the move nearly two years ago.  It is a sad milestone, though, on multiple levels – beginning with the 174 additions to the Commonwealth’s unemployment rolls.  And it is yet another unfortunate example of the inevitable effect of government policies that say to employers, “we don’t want you here.”

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