I sit here absolutely astounded. Where are the candle light vigils in Arlington? Where are the cries of outrage from Neal, Tsongas, McGovern, Markey, Tierney, Olver re BLOOD FOR OIL. Where is the moral indignation of the Kennedy’s and Kerry re our current president’s circumventing congress to attack a sovereign nation. Where are the moonbats who hectored George Bush for eight years  for essentially the same offense of aggressive intervention in a foreign country. Where are the “Profiles in Courage” crowd now that they should be speaking truth to power? Where is that sanctimonious buffoon,Congressman Keating, who continuously pontificates about the sanctity of adherence to the rule of law,now that his hero Barack Obama is blatantly flouting the laws of our land?

The hypocrisy of all of the aforementioned is breathtaking. Now that a democrat president, as did Lyndon Johnson, is essentially engaged in unlawfully killing hundreds and likely thousands of “brown” people across the sea, not a word one is heard. Not a sign, not a vigil, not a protest,

not a vacuous politician in front of a klieg light, not one posting at Blue Mass Group, NOTHING. Where are the college students Al Capp aptly graced with the moniker “SWINE”?  (Students Windly Indignant about Nearly Everything?

The Silence of the Lambs is deafening and it speaks volumes!!  

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