Scott Brown’s Approval At 73% Says… An Internal Democratic Poll

(Will this be a Cook Safe R?  Who woulda thunk it?

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Democrats in Massachusetts are double checking their calendar to make sure Salon isn’t playing an April Fools Day joke.  Sorry guys, this isn’t April Fools Day, but the joke is on you.  

Scott Brown a fluke? Not so much. This should keep top tier contenders on the sidelines, and make the Democratic Primary look like a who’s who of moonbats and “also rans”. The Unbeatable Republican

But the DSCC received some bad news this week when a poll it commissioned found that Brown’s popularity is soaring. The survey, which has been seen by at least one D.C. insider and was detailed for Salon, measured Brown’s approval rating at 73 percent — easily surpassing the scores for Barack Obama and the state’s two top Democrats,  Gov. Deval Patrick and Sen. John Kerry. It also found him running over the magic 50 percent mark against every potential Democratic challenger, and crushing the strongest perceived Democrats (Reps. Michael Capuano and Ed Markey and former Rep. Marty Meehan) by double-digit margins. The results only grew closer when respondents were primed with negative information about Brown.

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  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    And they love Scott Brown oh yes!  They love him more than they love Obama.  

    I bet if you asked the folks over at BlueMassGroup they would probably tell you how much they LOVE Scott Brown.  

  • MerrimackMan

    First, he has to eliminate one of the Congress critters. A very undesirable task for our Beacon Hill friends.

    Second, the Census shows that Western Mass needs to lose a seat. Rosenberg should, but can’t because of personal loyalties just thrown Olver under the bus and be done.

    Third, Brown is so popular, He can’t get any of the Congressmen to run! Markey and Lynch ain’t gonna want to get in line to be the next K Street lobbyist.

    Look like the map drawing is just going to have to painful. Might as well try and draw a map that adequately represents the State?

  • Scott is not a leader. He’s a placeholder and as such these numbers must make him giddy.

    He can continue to mirror Democrat positions, ignore social issues and he’ll be a nice stick figure Senator for 25 years.

    Scott will reach nirvana if Mick Jagger acknowledges him next time he runs into him at another 5 star hotel gym.

  • The Left is setting up Brown very nicely.

    They leak this questionable poll and inflate Brownie’s comfort level. Brown will feel very good about further drift into RINO-hood. He will happily dance to the Left’s tune.

    Meanwhile they prepare a nice sucker punch for Scott when it’s time for re-election. What a sap.

    Expect more Globe puff pieces and leaked Democratic polls showing Scott “the unbeatable”.LOL.

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    There is a two account limit, without prior permission, on Red Mass Group.  On this post there is one IP address being used for multiple accounts.  This is a warning. If it continues the IP address will be banned.

    I am all for open dialog, and people using nom de plumes.  Just don’t use multiple nom de plumes to have a conversation with yourself.

  • Wow. Scott the “fiscal hawk”. Give me a break.  

    “I am disappointed that despite passing six different FY 2011 Continuing Resolutions, each with the understanding that passage would move bi-partisan negotiations further along, that we are once again faced with the likelihood of a government shutdown. A government shutdown absolutely serves no purpose and is in no one’s best interests. I stand ready to work with each of you, to do what it takes-and to put politics aside-and work on behalf of a greater good to ensure that Congress reach a bi-partisan compromise for FY 2011 and avoid a government shutdown.

       Our collective work begins by having a clear understanding of the seriousness of our budget crisis and what is at stake if we fail to address it. We can all agree that we simply cannot continue on this reckless, unsustainable course. Reducing and eliminating needless spending and programs are appropriate, but a wholesale reduction in spending, without considering economic, cultural, and social impacts is simply irresponsible. We must also be mindful that many of the proposed spending reductions would disproportionately affect the neediest among us, including housing and heating assistance. Likewise, some of the proposed cuts would be economically counterproductive, negatively impacting our ability to innovate and invest in research and development.

       Deficit reduction is a necessary goal for our country. But deficit reduction should not be achieved in isolation of our priorities as a government and a society.”