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  • Don’t you love it when a policy wonk gets stifled by a dose of old fashoned common sense?

  • ErnstStavroBlofeld

    Heard of it?

  • When responding to the absolute disregard for consumers and American business interests she extols the virtues of “a great partnership between the Congress and the Administration over many, many, many years.” Huh? Perhaps she has been on sabbatical these last few years and has missed the message that those pesky citizens finally noticed that our beloved Congresses and various Administrations have not been “partnering up” with We the People.

    Or, in other words, “But the Bankruptcy of the Commonwealth and dismal state of public education was the result of a great partnership between Public Sector Unions and the Legislators-whom-they-employ over many, many, many years!”

    Oh. Now I see. Compact flourescents=good. Cheap American made incandescents=bad.

  • If this is what qualifies as “brilliance” for conservatives, our country’s in even worse shape than I thought.  Equating the everyday purchase of lightbulbs and toilets with the painful decision of whether to end an unwanted pregnancy is utterly insensitive, but I expect that from the far right.  What strikes me this time is the petty, pathetic nature of Paul’s complaining about regulations that will cause hardly any inconvenience to consumers while reaping substantial energy savings for the country as a whole.  This is nothing more than one senator standing up for our collective right to make bad choices about mundane household items.  

  • And before you protest, I assure you that progressives regard matters of the enviornment and warming as a matter of life and death.  Thinking someone is wrong/deluded does not make them less sincere in their beliefs.

    Advocacy, not legislation.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    They have ‘choice’ in Russia.  If you want a car you can have grey, or you can not have car.  That is choice!

    In China they have ‘choice’.  You can chose not to protest and speak out against government violation of civil rights, or you can go to jail.  That is choice.

    What Obama and his leftist loonies want is for everyone to have ‘their’ choice and no others.  It is a sign of self-righteous arrogance.  They are convinced that nobody esle is nearly as smart as them and therefore they have to make decisions about what toilets you can poop in, what wattage your bulb is, what foods you eat, what cars you drive, etc…

    Look at all the great decisions government has made so far – their choice of cars for the future is the Chevy Volt.  Their choice of companies to invest in is Evergreen Solar, which is having a going out of business sale with everything 80% off.  (Read the link) And how about the government decision to require massive ethanol use in fuel so as to offset proce increases.  As this article states – it is a massive waste.

    If the government had a history of making brilliant decisions I would be more likely to listen, but overall they suck out loud at trying to decide what is right for me, you and everyone reading this blog.

    And lastly, this woman’s reply as to why she must involve herself with everyone’s life stinks more than Dr Rand Paul’s broken toilet….

  • Rand Paul made a GREAT argument in favor of stopping the government from restricting a womans right to choose! Bravo!

  • I avoid them because of the mercury warnings.  But low flow toilets are terrible.

    Maybe there is some crisis that needs to be averted, but how does foisting stuff on us that doesn’t even work fix the problem?

  • Rand Paul has been impressive. I’m on the fence when it comes to Tea Party candidates. They make some good moves and some terrible ones, but Rand Paul has been a force that few senators have equalled.

    Yet, Trey Grayson, vanquished by Paul in the primary, is not a bad guy or conservative. He’s no Rand Paul, but I was glad to see he ended up in Boston. Its a win-win. We get Paul in the senate, and Boston, and the nation, gets Grayson at Harvard. And Grayson is no adjunuct professor; he was chosen to run the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School of Government. A conservative Kentucky Baptist in a leadership position at Harvard.

    Finally, Harvard lives up to desire to embrace diversity.