Now that the sniggering is over….

…I have different questions about Ted Kennedy’s Santiago adventures.  I admit – my initial reaction to a friend was, ‘He had to rent an ENTIRE brothel?  Who did he think he was, Charlie Sheen?’  But there are other things that SHOULD be asked that do have implications.

First – in 1961, Kennedy was an Assistant Suffolk County DA.  Who paid for this trip?  The Commonwealth?  On what purported basis was a Suffolk County ADA on a ‘fact finding mission’ in Chile?  What kind of purview/mission was he given?  Is being the President’s brother enough to give you access to diplomatic facilites and immunity?  The ambassador at the time protested that he felt the ‘angry young men’ Kennedy wanted to interview were a danger inside the embassy compound.

Speaking of the brother – the Bay of Pigs invasion was in April of 1961.  I haven’t seen a date for this trip – was it before, after, during?  Was it wise to place the President’s brother in direct contact with Communist agitators when we were close to war at that time?  What was the basis for THAT decision?

Don’t let the substantive be covered up by the salacious.  Distraction is a sucker’s game.

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