I’d like to dedicate this post to V3PN

To Bang in sick or to not bang in sick – That is the question.  That is the question running through the minds of many MA teachers/heroes tonight.

On one hand these teachers/heroes have snow in the forecast, matched with the potential to have a 3 day weekend weeeeee!

On the other hand these teachers/heroes have a responsibility to show up for work.  

Now we know where Paul Toner stands on this issue => http://redmassgroup.com/sh…

He wants us to pay for teachers to bang in sick while at the same time pay other less capable teachers money to pick up the slack that our fearless heroes left in their wake.  

So hear it is everyone, I hold in my hot little hand 50 oh yes I said 50! …  RMG bucks.  And I say these teachers will do the right thing and show up for work tomorrow and I have [cough] 50 RMG bucks backing me up!  

Any takers?  

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