I never HOID of such a thing!

A post by Dan Kenendy at Media Nation got me thinking about how we accept the meme of evil corporate ownership of news via Fox, Murdoch, and other such Barons of Broadband.

Turns out some MASSACHUSETTS newspapers are actually partially owned* by public employee unions!  Read the post HERE.

Kennedy’s point in the post was about more hard times in the newspaper business, and it’s a valid concern.  Indeed, I’m not crazy about the centralization of the news stream into too few hands.  But we’ve accepted the idea that it’s news corps. that are to blame.

It never occured to me that MA newspapers could be ‘owned’* by out of state public employee unions, and they are just as likely to make biased editorial decisions as an evil corproate overlord.  Where DOES our ‘local’ news come from?

* – yes, the unions are merely a major investor in the chain.  But they seem to have a major financial interest, seeing as how they will actually be housing the newspaper offices in thier new union HQ. (Imagine if the Herald shared office space with Mass GOP!)  This at least imples an ownership interest.

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