How can two sides see things so differently?

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As much as people blame a number of factors (including blogs) for the divisiveness in this country, I think many people are just stupid and can’t see the other side.

Maybe it’s us, but I think it’s the liberals.

Brad’s piece on the Wayland teachers was posted to Blue Mass group. I was not surprised that people could look at cold facts and see something different from all the people on this side (see earlier posts about Talking Points and statistics).

Similar to all the writings on WI. I cannot believe the tsunami of BS about this.

Here’s the deal-yo in simple terms and I’m going forward with this message.

People (voters) in WI liked the R message about the public unions getting too much and voted them in. The Gov & legislature are going to take $$ from them (one union teacher said $6K/yr) so the taxpayer doesn’t need to give any more in taxes.

The politicians know how the union (and their money) work so in addition to the budget stuff they are going to change the rules to make it harder for them to take power back. They are doing it because the rules are currently not fair and because they can.

It’s the way the world works. In MA we barely notice it because people have forgotten there are R’s in the legislature and only focus on Democractic infighting and primaries. The public shrugs off bans on plan design (and are now only interested because Menino and the Gov pushing it), bans on privitization (Pacheo) and prevailing wage.

There is only one solution to these issues-winning.

So screw all local the people protesting and supporting the unions in WI, it’s not about principle, because when you’re in charge (MA) you never fight for our rights (even simple things like open legislative debate, or transparency, or fair districts or many other parts of our democractic system).

From now on I am just going to focus on power and no longer mention principle. Call me divisive but with the other side so stupid (and unprincipled) it is the only way towards change.

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