Government Power Grab on Beacon Hill

Election Laws Committee to Take Up H.B. 1830

An Act Relative to Stripping the People of Their Constitutional Authority to Remedy a Corrupted Government & Disenfranchise Citizens

OK, so that’s not the official title of the bill, but nevertheless, the Joint Committee on Election Laws will hold a public hearing Wednesday, March 23rd at 1:30 pm in Hearing Room B-1 on H.B. 1830.

The proposed bill would more than double the number of signatures required for an initiative petition to amend the Constitution as well as those required for a referendum to repeal a law.

Does this sound like it should be a priority at a time when Massachusetts is exporting jobs and Deval Patrick is focusing on bizarre executive orders like the ‘mini’ Bathroom Bill?

Now’s the time. Take this as a golden opportunity to welcome spring by telling your elected officials you’ve had enough Beacon Hill power grabs.  Hey, if it becomes too arduous to collect signatures for a ballot initiative, then we may be forced to collect signatures to run for legislative office.

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