Geraldine Ferraro dead at 75

Very surprised and very saddened to hear of the passing of Geraldine Ferraro.  She has apparently battled a blood cancer for a number of years and passed away today at Massachusetts General Hospital.

She was the first woman to be nominated as the Vice presidential candidate on a major party ticket in 1984.  She began as a school teacher, practiced law and then became an Assistant District Attorney in New York.  Won a seat in Congress representing New York and served 3 terms admirably, until she was chosen as the VP candidate beneath Walter Mondale on the Democrat ticket for the White House.  

Though I shared very, very few common political views, I always found her public persona pleasant, engaging and willing to debate the issues with anyone.  Her numerous television appearances, many on FoxNews, showed her to be congenial and charming, and thoroughly intelligent.  A very sad loss for her family and this nation.  Perhaps the last of the great true Democrats of our time.  She will be missed…

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