There are, 4 types of elected officials: (1) dumb and lazy (not a problem because their dumb ideas lanquish); (2) Smart and lazy, similarly their ideas languish because of sloth; (3) smart and energetic (Such guys rarely choose politics), and

(4) dumb yet energetic. Working hard, not smart. A problem

The Eldridge idea of the day is this:  Companies are leaving his district after getting $$ breaks from the State and he must prevent their departure.  

Three ways to do this,

i) stop giving them money in first place.  Way too easy and giving away other peoples money is a hard habit to break, or

ii) baracade or toll route 2, tempting, I’m sure, or

iii) per Eldridge, create a maze of regulations, oversights and guidelines, uniform reporting, establish benchmarks from which to measure success.  

And, if all this fails, well not a problem because “the Executive Office of Economic Development [can] waive the subsidy limit and job standards upon finding that there exist significant public policy goals apart from just job creation.”

In other words, to deal with the problem of foolishing giving money away, we should first,  foolishly give money away but in accordance with a landfill of regulations, then set up another morass of rules, laws and regulations and a layer or 2 of government employees to report on compliance with these rules and to attempt to recover money, and at the end of the day, waive the rules.

i.e. set the barn ablaze, explain why barns burn, then, through the rubble, rationalize why a burning barn’s not such a bad idea.

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