DeLeo: Tim Murray not a “principal”, he and Terry Murray cancel weekly leadership pow wow.

The title Acting Governor isn’t quite enough to get Acting Governor Tim Murray (D-Worcester) a seat at the weekly Monday leadership meeting on Beacon Hill.  According to a press release from the Massachusetts Republican Party, the State House News Service reported that Speaker of the House Bob DeLeo and Senate President Terry Murray canceled the weekly leadership meeting two weeks in a row.  The reason given was that the offices of both the Speaker and Senate Leader assumed that there was no leadership present in the state.

“We were not aware there was leadership. Leadership does not take place when the principals are not together,” said Seth Gitell, a spokesman for DeLeo. “Without all three principals available, it will be rescheduled when the governor returns.” A spokesman for Senate President Therese Murray gave a similar explanation for why the meeting had been cancelled, despite Lt. Gov. Murray’s willingness to participate on behalf of the administration.

With Deval Patrick’s increased travel schedule it looks like Deleo and T. Murray’s Monday calendars are wide open for the foreseeable future.  

Nate Little, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Republican Party, had the following to say about Acting Governor Murray.

Now we have an idea of the opinion Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Murray hold of the lieutenant governor.  It’s probably just as well they didn’t meet, because I doubt very much anything would have been accomplished to solve the billion-dollar deficit, the high unemployment, and scandals like the probation department. The only thing Tim Murray is good at is putting campaign workers on the state payroll.


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