Coalition of MA Tea Party and Liberty leaders call for action!

(Why does George Noel still have a job? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Massachusetts Tea Party and Liberty activists call for Governor’s action on escalating violent rhetoric expressed by MA officeholders and employees

A coalition of Massachusetts Tea Party and Liberty activists has today sent a letter to Governor Deval Patrick’s office.  In it, leaders ask the Governor to take action in addressing the rising level of violent language being directed at those activists that have demonstrated support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s financial reform efforts, including proposed legislation that reins in benefits and collective bargaining privileges enjoyed by Wisconsin public employee unions.

Ken Mandile of Worcester Tea Party said “We’re putting the Governor on notice that this is happening.  It’s the people’s responsibility to support good governance.  It is not the responsibility of government to criticize the people.” Tea Party and Liberty leaders encourage the Governor to act.

On the next page is the text of the letter sent to the Governor’s office:

“Dear Governor Patrick,

As our elected leaders in the past months have called for more measured public discourse, the signatories of this letter eagerly wait for this moment to arrive in the Commonwealth.  While the Tea Parties of Massachusetts continue to engage in civil public debate, recent rhetoric by an elected office holder and a state employee has left our members questioning their commitment.

Our members see the public statements made on February 26, 2011 by George Noel “Make no mistake about it. We are at War.” as blatantly disregarding this general call for civility.  While we respect Mr. Noel’s right to free speech outside his official capacity as Director of Labor for the Commonwealth, we believe his statements to be intentionally inflammatory.

In light of experiencing verbal and physical intimidation at the Statehouse on February 22, 2011, including being shouted at, spit on, shoved, knocked to the ground and sustaining damage to personal property, our members are alarmed by what appears to be a pattern of suggestive violent language coming from our government.   Congressman Capuano, in response to criticism, expressed regret for his call to “get a little bloody”.

Individuals can make poor word choices.  This is not our concern.  What concerns us is that when this type of language comes repeatedly from officeholders and upper management of the Commonwealth, it takes on an appearance of the state inciting and encouraging violence against citizens with an opposing point of view.

It is amusing to us that the public labor unions have enlisted private trade unions, with whom the Tea Party has no issue, into this debate.  More disconcerting is when the character of the speech coming from our government is matched with the violent actions of union supporters.  It becomes difficult to determine where the labor movement ends and our state government begins.

We expect action from your office to ensure that the leadership of the Commonwealth, both elected and appointed, will cease such deliberate provocation.”


Barbara Anderson, Citizens for Limited Taxation

Rob & Joy Anderson, Worcester Tea Party

Clifford Blake II, Clinton Tea Party

Justin Brooks, Twin City Tea Party

David M. Costello, Bristol County Tea Party

Bob Dwyer, East Coast Tea Party Patriots

Cherie Felos, Elephant Klub

Carlos Hernandez, North Shore Tea Party  

Richard Howell, Pioneer Valley Tea Party

Bonnie Johnson, Worcester Seven Hills Tea Party

Thaddeus Kasperowicz, The House of Adams (Quincy Tea Party)

Barbara Klain, Greater Lowell Tea Party

Dave Kopacz, Pioneer Valley Tea Party  

Bud Laureyns, Leicester-Paxton-Rutland Tea Party

Michael Long, Northborough Tea Party

Kenneth J. Mandile, Worcester Tea Party

Lisa Martin, Plymouth Rock-Cape and Islands Tea Party

Michael Mosca, Merrimack Valley Tea Party

Michael Petrell, Plymouth Rock-Cape and Islands Tea Party

Christen Varley, Greater Boston Tea Party

Kate Wirtz, Greater Gardener Tea Party

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