Civility Update: “Community Activist” names Dan Winslow as “public enemy number one”

According to State House News Service (no link available yet), at a rally today Horace Small, a “community activist” and Barney Frank confidant, has targeted Dan Winslow to be run out of town, calling him “public enemy number one”.

Calling Rep. Daniel Winslow a “yahoo” and worse, a community activist on Thursday singled out the freshman Norfolk Republican as public enemy number one in the Massachusetts fight to preserve union rights after the Wisconsin Senate on Wednesday approved a measure to severely restrict collective bargaining.

“Now we have a bunch of right-wing idiots that want to take it all away. We got a yahoo in the Legislature here, Dan Winslow, that just introduced the same bill that they introduced in Wisconsin and we’re here today to say, ‘No damn way,'” said Horace Small, executive director of the Union of Minority Neighborhoods.

Small led a rally on the State House steps where black community activists spoke out against anti-public-employee-union sentiment sweeping the country after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker proposed restricting collective bargaining rights for employees to help balance his state’s budget in the face of the nation’s slow economic recovery.

“If this Dan Winslow —hole decides to run a bill in this building, we’re going to make sure we’re going to run Dan Winslow to Rhode Island, okay? That’s the game we’re going to be playing,” Small said, pointing behind him to the capitol.

But remember it’s the right wing bringing the rhetoric into the gutter, not nice community activists.

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