Brown Still on Top in MA

A new Western New England College poll shows 52% of registered voters say Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) deserves to be re-elected, while 28% say he does not deserve to be re-elected. keep in mind that is registered voters, not likely voters, so  in reality Sen. Brown's number are even stronger than they appear.

How does he fair against potential rivals? Here is what the poll found:
Brown leads Rep. Mike Capuano, 51% to 38%, and tops Elizabeth Warren, 51% to 34%.

More detail form the poll's analysis:

Poll results regarding Brown's re-election prospects offer encouraging news for Brown and potentially troubling signs for Democrats. In the hypothetical match-ups with Mike Capuano and Elizabeth Warren, Brown receives support from almost two-thirds of independent voters, who tend to be the deciding factor in statewide elections in Massachusetts. Brown also wins backing from about 20 percent of voters who identify themselves as Democrats. Republicans are solidly behind Brown, with 96 percent supporting him in the hypothetical matchups.


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