Are Obama and Clinton arming terrorists? Soon, and you will be paying for it..

(These are very good questions to be asking.  Is the analogy to this us helping Khomeni overthrow the Shah? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

News media are reporting that Hillary Clinton is making the case in London at a conference on Libya.  Clinton claims that resolution 1973 relaxed an arms embargo on Libya and paved the way for Obama to provide weapons to the Libyan rebels.  Read the story here.

Hillary Clinton has paved the way for the United States to arm the Libyan rebels by declaring that the recent UN security council resolution relaxed an arms embargo on the country.

As Libya’s opposition leaders called for the international community to arm them, the secretary of state indicated that the US was considering whether to meet their demands when she talked of a “work in progress”.

The US indicated on Monday night that it had not ruled out arming the rebels, though it was assumed this would take some time because of a UN arms embargo which applies to all sides in Libya.

At the same time, news agencies are reporting that the Libyan rebels that are fighting Qaddafy are often the same men that attacked the USA on 9/11.  Read it here. and again here, or even here.

So what the hell is the Obama administration doing?  They are preparing to arm Al Qeada terrorists in Libya with weapons so that they can take over the country from a dictator.  No doubt, the average American likely thinks Qaddafy should leave power, but do we want a newly weaponized rogue terrorist organization to take over, using weapons supplied from American tax dollars?

Obama is out of his mind.  He is fighting a war for oil, and once the war is won (by terrorist organizers) we will be the enemy once again.  Except now they have weapons, and oil, and a united front in the middle east.  Nice going community organizer boy!

Next time someone nominates a Harvard Law Review Editor for POTUS, tell them to STFU.

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  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    I heard the rebels are way ahead of us … they just reached out to the ATF and asked them to help broker a deal for 2500 assault rifles through Walmart.

  • and France are waaaaay ahead on this one.

  • Obama is trying to justify his actions. It’s a snow job. Who are the rebels?

    A report came out over the weekend from the rebel leader that most of the front line rebels are members of Al-Qaeda. The same ones that fought in Iraq.

    Is Obama supporting another Islamic State for Al-Qaeda?

    We need to back off this civil war, keep NATO out of this. We need to see which snake will show its head in the Middle East.

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    * Follow the French

    * Just offer “support” like air support and maybe some guns n ammo

    * Send some special forces in to show the rebels how to fight

    Am I being paranoid?

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Did anyone else catch that last week?  I was wondering why the hell does she need to tell the whole world that?  It just seems to now comprimise her ability to do her job.

  • From the 2005 film “Lord of War” with nick cage (if you haven’t seen it go out and get it tonight!)

    Scene: Upon his arrest

    The reason I’ll be released is the same reason you think I’ll be convicted. I do rub shoulders with some of the most vile, sadistic men calling themselves leaders today. But some of these men are the enemies of your enemies. And while the biggest arms dealer in the world is your boss – the President of the United States, who ships more merchandise in a day than I do in a year – sometimes it’s embarrassing to have his fingerprints on the guns. Sometimes he needs a freelancer like me to supply forces he can’t be seen supplying. So. You call me evil, but unfortunately for you, I’m a necessary evil.  

  • In Afghaniztan.

    By helping the Muslims fight off the Soviet who wanted to snuff out their theocracy, we thought we were helping people who wanted to exercise their human rights and freedoms as they fought against a tyrannical force.  We helped them defeat a superpower while they were living in yurts.

    We thought they would be grateful.

    Instead, as Al Quaida, they later attacked us. In their eyes, we were just as godless and more degerate than the Russians.

    We ar so egotistical as to think that WE have the insight to ‘understand’ other peoples, who all want what we do – free elctions, tolerance, understanding, peace.  Even though they tell us flat out that they are engaged in a Holy Crusade, we insist that they only really want running water and wi-fi.

    It is an insult to these people who are sincere in their principles, and as dangerous as an escaped cobra.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    My entire thesis is apparently wrong about there being terrorist factions within the rebel base in Libya.  Our POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama has removed all doubt in his comment yesterday, saying:

    Most of them are professionals, lawyers, doctors, people who appear to be credible,

    So there is nothing to see here, folks!  You can all go home and rest easy because the rebels are just a bunch of good old fashioned Lawyers, Doctors and Professionals.  Unlike the Tea Party malcontents that are clinging to their guns and their God.  

    So there it is – when Libyans revolt in the streets, shooting guns into the air and screaming for the death of their leaders, Obama sees them as hard working professional folks.  But if some American-born Tea Party marchers walk around the local town hall with a few homemade signs asking for responsible spending by public officials they are radicals and racists.

    I swear, I hate this President so much I feel sick over it.  He is preparing to hand guns to terrorist operatives in Libya, and a few years from now our sons and daughters will need to fight to take them back.  And if we say anything about it we are racist malcontents.  


    Members of the NATO alliance have sternly warned the rebels in Libya not to attack civilians as they push against the regime of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, according to senior military and government officials.

    As NATO takes over control of airstrikes in Libya and the Obama administration considers new steps to tip the balance of power there, the coalition has told the rebels that the fog of war will not shield them from possible bombardment by NATO planes and missiles, just as the regime’s forces have been punished.

    So apparently we’re taking both sides in this civil war. That’s one way of voting “present” I guess.