Are Obama and Clinton arming terrorists? Soon, and you will be paying for it..

(These are very good questions to be asking.  Is the analogy to this us helping Khomeni overthrow the Shah? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

News media are reporting that Hillary Clinton is making the case in London at a conference on Libya.  Clinton claims that resolution 1973 relaxed an arms embargo on Libya and paved the way for Obama to provide weapons to the Libyan rebels.  Read the story here.

Hillary Clinton has paved the way for the United States to arm the Libyan rebels by declaring that the recent UN security council resolution relaxed an arms embargo on the country.

As Libya’s opposition leaders called for the international community to arm them, the secretary of state indicated that the US was considering whether to meet their demands when she talked of a “work in progress”.

The US indicated on Monday night that it had not ruled out arming the rebels, though it was assumed this would take some time because of a UN arms embargo which applies to all sides in Libya.

At the same time, news agencies are reporting that the Libyan rebels that are fighting Qaddafy are often the same men that attacked the USA on 9/11.  Read it here. and again here, or even here.

So what the hell is the Obama administration doing?  They are preparing to arm Al Qeada terrorists in Libya with weapons so that they can take over the country from a dictator.  No doubt, the average American likely thinks Qaddafy should leave power, but do we want a newly weaponized rogue terrorist organization to take over, using weapons supplied from American tax dollars?

Obama is out of his mind.  He is fighting a war for oil, and once the war is won (by terrorist organizers) we will be the enemy once again.  Except now they have weapons, and oil, and a united front in the middle east.  Nice going community organizer boy!

Next time someone nominates a Harvard Law Review Editor for POTUS, tell them to STFU.

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