Another Voter ID Question for RMG

The consensus of RMG readers that weighed in is that the state should provide voters identification for free. Requiring voters to present identification when registering to vote is a no brainer, in fact the Help America Vote Act made it the law of the land. Yet, here we are ten years later and the problem of vote fraud is as prevalent as ever. Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) owes his election to illegaly cast ballots.

Since the left in this country devotes vast resources, including taxpayer dollars to groups like ACORN(which will change its name, but not tactics) “registering” voters, is voter id a no win battle for the right? Our opposition embraces an ends justify the means mentality and when you combine that with millions of dollars they could and would create an epic-sized fake id industry. Short of mandating biometric data be included as part of the id(which I would oppose) the best we could hope for is to impact vote fraud on the margins. In short, would a voter id law represent a purely symbolic victory?


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