America Is One Judgeship From Losing The Republic For Which We Stand


                                  REPUBLIC FOR WHICH WE STAND

                                           By: Edward P. Shallow

America has lost its soul; our once proud nation has been ravaged by a despot regime intent on America becoming the latest victim of George Soros and his advocacy for a one-world government.  To succeed in their advocacy for world domination it becomes incumbent to undermine family values and do everything possible to depress the Judeo/Christian faith this nation adopted, from its very inceptions.  In other words, family values went out of fashion under the Obama administration.

Now I feel it wise to inform that on 03/07 — The U. S. Supreme Court turned aside a challenge to “In God We Trust” on the nation’s coins and currency, refusing to consider a Sacramento man’s claim that the national motto is a government endorsement of religion.

The Supreme Court denied review without comment. The plaintive, Michael Newdow said he was disappointed but would refile the suit elsewhere. Which brings me to the core of this editorial, the unthinkable, Obama having the opportunity to name another justice to the Supreme Court? Consider, his two appointments, Kagan and Sodomyer have both expressed adopting European jurisprudence into America’s system. Both hate the military the defenders of our liberty, and if they are aided and sustained by the appointment of another justice of their ilk, will surely result in our total demise. The Supreme Court is the most powerful branch of government, not answerable to the people with tenure for life. A warning to the people, if we survive the Obama administration without another court appointment, we certainly will not be that blessed should he be re-elected (Heaven forbid).

I urge Patriots; Republicans’ and Independents to openly pray to the Almighty above that Obama do not have another opportunity to name another Supreme Court Justice, particularly to replace one of the four current conservative justices or the swing vote, Justice Kennedy. If that inconceivable occurrence should emerge, it will result in America having lost the Republic for which we stand and the forces of evil will finally realize the One World victory they have longed for lo these many years.

All of Obama’s Czar’s hate America, Van Jones was an openly admitted Communist, and all are devoted to the demise of our Republic. They are demonic in their determination to convert our nation into a one-world revolution; it is Marxism straight up.

To enlighten readers I offer the following on the left leanings of the following S/C Justices:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, before becoming a member of the Supreme Court, she was Chief Council for the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization the late Dr. D. James Kennedy, founder and Pastor of Coral Ridge Ministries, declared the ACLU to be the “greatest single threat the American family faces today.” As the noted author, George Grant clearly indicates in his masterful book, “Trial and Error”, the ACLU is a Communist Organization.

Ginsburg advocates the age of consent should be twelve years.

Elana Kagan:  To expand Harvard’s capacity to sell Shariah law, Kagan hired Noah Feldman in 2007, and in 2008 Feldman published his valentine to Shariah, “The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State” which argues for democratically elected “Islamist” (aka Muslim Brotherhood) parties to take control of Muslim states in order to govern under Shariah law.

Two months after awarding Feldman with an endowment, Kagan spoke at and presided over a conference titled The Constitutional Judiciary in the Muslim World; its influence on the Interpretation of Constitutional and Legislative Texts 1970 to 2008. To a large extent, the “Constitutional Judiciary” discussed in this conference was in fact Shariah Judiciary, which was (and is, thanks in part to Feldman) being written into national constitutions in Muslim countries as a guiding principle.

The very survival of our once great nation is in peril and will perish if we allow the forces of evil to continue on their current path. As a nation we have turned away from the traditional and moral values of faith in God and the family, these virtues were the source of our great nation.

I urge voters be concerned with candidates for public office that betray their Christian and Judeo convictions and have proved time and time again is unworthy of your sacred vote. I resolve I will only honor candidates that share my convictions in God and Country.

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