WH Superbowl Menu – Michelle must have been out of town!

The First Lady must have been traveling while the President indulged himself in the Superbowl game yesterday.  The 100 guests that wined and dined on the American taxpayer’s dime had a choice of Kielbasa, bratwurst, cheeseburgers, deep-dish pizza, buffalo wings and a number of fat-laden side dishes.  Don’t forget the beer either.

I guess the FLOTUS must have been traveling because Lord knows she wouldn’t indulge in such fatty foods while trying to convince Americans that they need to eat less and shed a few pounds.  Especially the bratty little kids.

Personally, I think the President could use a few extra pounds on his frame.  Right now he looks like a feather-weight crack addict.  Oh, did I mention that J Lo and Marc Anthony got to stuff their faces with the POTUS on our dime as well.  Ah, the beautiful people!

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