UMass Student Arrested for Making Death Threats

(I thought only right wing nutjobs made death threats and acted on them.  I’m shocked, shocked I tell you to find out otherwise. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

With the mega-colossal snowstorm and the protests in Egypt dominating the news, this story has fallen under the radar. Warning, the below quote contains some foul, albeit misspelled language.

From the Daily Collegian:  

A University of Massachusetts student is awaiting extradition to Southeast Florida for allegedly making threatening emails to a Florida state representative.

Manuel Pintado, 47, of Northampton was being held at the Hampshire County House of Corrections in Northampton after police there took him into custody at the request of Martin County, Florida law enforcement.

Pintado was arrested last night for allegedly sending Rep. William D. Snyder, a Republican representing Florida’s House district 82, a message attacking him for his involvement in a bill which would allow police to ask anyone for proof of citizenship, according to a release from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Feb. 1 statement, the text of the email read “To the Honorable William D. Snyder; You better just stop that ridiculous law if you value you rand your familie’s lives ashole.”

I wonder which websites, blogs this self-described “political activist” read? I’m sure the media will route out the source that inspired Mr. Pintado’s eliminationist rhetoric. Because we know after Tucson that someone other than the actual or would-be perpetrator of the crime is to blame. The authorities in Florida should bring Sheriff Clarence Dupnik in as media consultant, because MSNBC is going to be all over this story right?

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