So Suzanne Bump..When do you start your new job?

It’s been almost two months since Ms. Bump took over for Joe the auditor. A quick review of Ms. Bump’s website shows that she released reports that were done by Joe the auditor, but there is little reference to anything of consequence that Ms. Bump has initiated.

See for yourself:

So in this “target rich” environment, what is she doing, what is she planning, and when do we start?

I didn’t vote for Ms. Bump for the simple reason that Mary C was, and still is, profoundly more qualified. However, I do believe the retirement of Joe the auditor and the replacement of Joe with just about anyone is progress. That said, besides the appointment of a few “insiders,” Ms. Bump’s start has been uneventful at best.

Prove me wrong Ms. Bump.

Maybe we can help Ms. Bump. Any ideas on where she might start looking for waste, patronage, fraud, and corruption?  

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