Same Old Obama of the Black Eyed Peas gets it. Why doesn’t the media? With his Super shout out for Obama’s efforts to keep the country “stimulated”, will understands that our president’s policies represent more of the same. Because his earlier argument that spending is stimulus didn’t sell with the public, we have “investments” to “win the future”(lifted from Newt). This is simply more big spending by Big Government that benefits Big Business(and his fundraising) at the expense of America’s working and middle classes.

Appointing Jeff Immelt of GE as jobs czar has been hailed by the media as proof of the president’s centrist bona fides. But Immelt personifies “crony” in the crony capitalism that is Obamanomics. “In a reset economy, the government will be a regulator; and also an industry policy champion, a financier, and a key partner.” Those aren’t the words of a believer in the free market or a champion of small business. Immelt supports cap and trade while pocketing a $400 million taxpayer subsidized loan to sell windmills. This administration is going all in on windmills and electric cars, but our 389 windfarms are producing electricity at less than 20% of their capacity. They aren’t the path to prosperity, in fact Robert F. Kennedy Jr. believes that Cape Wind will result in over $4 billion in extra costs for consumers. Meanwhile, American drivers are paying over $3 for gas with analysts seeing it soon reaching $5 a gallon. To help promote our adoption of green technologies, Energy Secretary Chu wants us to be paying $7 or more.

The skyrocketing costs of education are threatening to put a degree out of reach for all but the wealthiest Americans. One hundred colleges now charge at least $50,000 a year, only five did so as recently as 2008. It may surprise students and their parents to learn that university administrative costs have increased 61%, essentially swallowing the massive increases in financial aid. All those extra bureacrats have been good to the president though, the University of CA was his number one contributor and Harvard was number three. Instead of pushing to reform the system, the president proposes to continue throwing more money at it, gauranteeing that costs will continue to increase along with his campaign warchest. The same dynamic applies to K-12 spending. The Mercatus Center found that we spend an average of $91,700 per pupil between grades 1-9, yet our students score lower than countries that spend much less. Again, the president just wants to throw good money after bad without making necessary reforms for fear of upsetting the teachers’ unions and their PAC’s that will contribute millions to his campaign.

We also have the 700+ waivers for Obamacare, 40% of them going to unions that contributed $25 million to the president. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

President Obama isn’t, and will never be the pragmatic centrist of the media’s fantasies. If this ploy to repackage the same failed policies that have done nothing but run up record deficits, $1.5 trillion this year, doesn’t convince the American public to see the light, he’ll try again, because he’s never wrong. The next time there’ll be $1 billion of Wall St., Environmentalist and Organized Labor dough to spend communicating to the bitter clingers of Middle America in borrowed Republican language that he’s courageously standing(T-Paw), without apologizing(Mitt) for freezing his 24% increase in discretionary spending in place, cutting a pitiful $775 million when 40 cents of every dollar spent is borrowed(almost $5 billion a day) and rocketing our national debt to $20 trillion and beyond. All for our benefit of course.

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