Representative Moran says Judge Tucker’s Ruling is just one piece of evidence

Representative Michael Moran, (D-Boston) today, told the Worcester Telegram and Gazette that Superior Court Judge Richard Tucker’s ruling was, just a piece of evidence to consider (a username and password are needed to access the link).  He made a point to uphold that it is the House, and not the judiciary, that determines who sits as a representative.

Mr. Moran is chairman of a smaller committee looking at the 6th Worcester district. Its other members are Reps. Eugene O’Flaherty, D-Chelsea, and George Peterson Jr., R-Grafton.

“We are acutely aware of the fact that we are the final arbiters of this situation,” Mr. Moran said in an interview today. “We will certainly take the judge’s recommendation into consideration, but we have to get together as a committee … and sort of debate and talk about what the appropriate steps are that we take at this point.”

On Jan. 5, 159 House members were sworn in while the special committee decided that the 6th Worcester District did not yet have a certified candidate, Mr. Moran said.

“It is likely that that evidence we have just heard from the judicial branch is going to be very strong evidence for us to consider,” Mr. Moran said. “We have to be clear about this – we are the ones that have the final decision on this. And while this one seems pretty cut and dried right now, future ones may not. That’s why we’re being very careful about how we do this process.”

It is pretty obvious that Representative George Peterson is going to want a special election.  It is incumbent upon us to let Representatives O’Flaherty and Moran know that the people of Massachusetts are watching.  Please contact these representatives and tell them that holding a special election is the only ethical thing to do.

Representative Michael Moran can be reached at 617-722-2460.

Representative Eugene O’Flaherty can be reached at 617-722-2396

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