Remember the abolished sales tax on booze?

It never ends!

Today the Herald reports that the state police at Logan spent $300k from an account apparently controlled by the state police. The funding comes out of a forfeiture account created from  money seized from drug dealers and cash smugglers. So they do their job and get to keep the cash? Do Dept of Revenue auditors get to keep proceeds from audits? Do meter maids get to keep the ticket revenue that is “earned” when you get tagged for parking two hours in a one hour zone? Have you ever felt like your hand is in a vice and someone is tightening it a little today and a little yesterday?

Well remember all the fuss after the the sales tax on booze was abolished per the voters? Remember the screaming about the lost revenues and how programimng designed to help substance abusers would be cut? Perhaps this money that the state troopers spent on cars and furniture should be redirected to a fund that helps offset the revenue lost that support those programs?

I guess I wonder also where the oversight is for the fund being used by the state police.

Top-ranking state police brass at Logan International Airport shelled out $300,000 for a shiny, new fleet of take-home SUVs for themselves and bought couches, furniture and flat-screen TVs – all out of their own tightly controlled fund of seized drug money, the Herald has learned.

“It’s yet another example of things that seem to always end up happening at Massport, that are even beyond some of the normal excesses we see in state government,” said state Rep. Bradley H. Jones, a North Reading Republican. “It feeds into the perception of Massport as a cash cow from top to bottom.”

Commanders at Troop F at Logan – including the major, three lieutenants, a sergeant and a detective – are riding in style in $40,000-plus 2011 Ford Explorers purchased just weeks ago out of the unit’s asset forfeiture account – a discreet fund controlled by a detective lieutenant.…

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