Prove it Tom Kinton

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The idea that anyone gets paid for unused sick days once they leave a job, particularly in the  public sector, is obscene. Tom Kinton’s 35 year’s of service apparently earns him a winfall of $460,000 in unused sick leave compensation. Well I say prove it. Does Kinton have the records from 35 years ago that supports this obscene distribution? I say it’s doubtful. So when does the Governor or the MassPort Board of Directors ask Kinton for the details necessary to support Kinton’s outrageous request? When does the GOP leadership in the Commonwealth step in and insist on documentation to support Kinton’s request?

From today’s Herald

Massport chief Thomas Kinton, one of the state’s highest-paid public employees, is leaving the embattled airport agency with nearly half a million dollars, as he takes advantage of a controversial sick-day buyback policy the agency scratched five years ago.

Kinton earned $312,000 last year, according to Massport payroll records obtained by the Herald.

And now, thanks to the agency’s generous but curtailed buyback program, when he retires June 1, Kinton stands to collect $459,616.01 for sick days he never used during his 35-year tenure at the quasi-public state agency. He will also collect a pension of about $200,000 a year.…

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