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Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to update you as to where we are in the campaign since I last posted. Our campaign is ramping up extremely fast thanks to many of you who have shown interest and are coming out to volunteer.   We are putting together a great team of staff and volunteers and can always use more.

With that said, we’ve already started knocking on doors, calling and ID’ing voters, and collecting the necessary money to beat the mammoth machine that is the Democrat party.  The people we are meeting on the campaign trail, while not excited about having to vote twice, are itching for the chance to beat my opponent once and for all and our momentum is very high right now.  

As you all know, Special Elections cost a lot of money.  We’ve encountered many very generous donors throughout the state, but so has my opponent.  So we wanted to set up a money bomb to show that we mean business.  It gives us the opportunity to send a message to my opponent and Beacon Hill that we are ready to fight the good fight and win this campaign in a manner that leaves no doubt as to who the victor is.

On Wednesday March 2nd (3-2) I’m asking everyone to please donate $32 to make me the 32nd Republican in the State House, help bringing balance to Beacon Hill. Let’s raise $3200 together!

I’m asking you to commit to donating $32 on 3/2, and to help spread the word by posting the information on your facebook page, and Tweeting everyone you know to ensure this is a success.  This race is the opening salvo for the 2012 elections here in Massachusetts, and the Democrats are looking to this as an opportunity to show us whose boss.   I’m asking for your help so that we can show them exactly what we’re made of.

To Victory!

Peter Durant

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