Note to Speaker DeLeo – Call the Special Election

Worcester Superior Court Judge Richard Tucker’s call for a new election in the 6th Worcester District is nothing new.  A judge has ordered a special election before, in the year 2000, due to voting irregularities in a race between Larry Wheatley (R) and Matthew Patrick (D).  Instead of calling the new election the House, led by Speaker Thomas Finneran, sat the Democrat Patrick, in direct defiance of the Judge.

An article in today’s Boston Globe has me worried about the legislature pulling the exact same thing in this case.  

Representative Michael T. Moran, a Boston Democrat who co-chairs the Legislature’s Election Laws Committee, said the judge’s ruling would now be reviewed by a special House committee of two Democrats and one Republican.

The committee will make a recommendation about next steps to House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, he said. “The strongest option is to have a reelection,” Moran said. “But you have to look at everything.”

“It’s fair to say this is extremely, extremely rare, and it poses a whole set of different issues and problems,” Moran said.

The correct answer for Moran would have been, “we have asked the Secretary of State to schedule the election for as early a date as possible.”  He did not say that.  Leaving the door open to the seating of Alicea.

Speaker Deleo and the rest of the Legislature should know that we the people of Massachsuetts will march on the State House if they pull this again.  As recent events in the Middle East have shown 2011 is a whole lot different than 2000 or 2001.  Through the internet we can easily organize demonstrations, and they will be held.  

Speaker DeLeo, do the right thing.

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  • Don’t think puffing and huffing and idle threats ever work.  He should do it because it’s the right thing to do and reflect well on his Leadership.

  • Even though Judge Cannon had ordered a special election for Patric vs. Wheatley, they seated Patrick as ‘the House chooses its members’.  IIRC, technically, the House votes to adopt the certification of the Sec. of State as to the election results, and then seats those members accordingly.  But they don’t have to.

    IF my recollection is correct, we should also ask Galvin to certify the election as a tie.

    Of course, they don’t actually need to do anything.  They can keep Alicia as a hold over for two years.

  • Red Mass Group is allegedly a media outlet. Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno, can you please pretend to use good grammar? It’s hard to find a post on here that doesn’t include a handful of minor grammar, syntax, and/or punctuation errors; but, man, your third sentence isn’t even a sentence.

    Seriously, if you want this blog to be taken seriously, at least exhibit the minimal writing skills learned in fifth grade.  And, instead of responding in a vitriolic or childish fashion whenever an issue like this is raised, take the mature approach and take the lesson to heart.

  • is threatening a march on the State House if a Special Election is not called RIGHT NOW (even though we’re experiencing a 36 hour snow storm and I have to assume the House is not in session).  Rob, the hot air the comes out of you could solve out reliance of foreign oil.  Why can’t you focus your hot air on that solution?

  • My prediction is that there will be an election.  Very different fact pattern from Patrick case.  The are only two questions: Will there their be primary and general elections or just a general.  What are the date(s).

  • is for the most part the same group that told the voters to pound sand after we voted to lower the income tax to 5%. So nothing this group does will surprise me, except doing the right thing and scheduling the election. That would indeed surprise me.

  • politicalmadman

    Shit Rob, if people here don’t get their latte double whipped 1/2 sweet and low and 1/2 splenda with skim milk lightly stirred with TWO c up sleeves, they f’ing freak out !! What in the world  makes you think they will march on the State House, never mind in the winter ? Dont hold your breath cause I won’t.

    We are a very spoiled society and do not appreciate what we have. But, soon things will change, and we will long for these times to come back once again. Only then will those great unwashed masses finally wake up and pay attention to what is going on in their world.