Never Letting That Crisis Go To Waste!

Courtesy of the Democracy for America mass email, I got a message from the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

Here are some highlights –

The problem is with a 19-14 edge to Republicans in the Wisconsin State Senate, Gov. Walker has the votes to pass his budget proposal

 Some Democrats have complained that the standoff makes it look like they are afraid to vote.  That is correct.

The Senate needs a quorum of 20 Senators in the chamber to hold the vote. So guess what happened…All 14 Wisconsin State Senate Democrats left the state.

If even one of these Democrats had remained in Wisconsin, the state police would have forcibly brought them to the state Capitol and the bill would have passed. So now they are holed up in another state with high stakes on the line over which side will cave first. That’s why we absolutely must back these Senators up today.

 Again, this is their OWN assessment of the situation.  We do not have the votes, so we must hide.

And my favorite –

But to win, we must support the Heroes who are leading the resistance. Please contribute $14 to the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee right now.

 Yes, like heroic French freedom fighters, these heros will hide and will be supplied money by the Democratic Party.  Maybe they’ll never have to vote again, but just wait until they can win an election or get a clue, whichever comes first.

The Wisconsin Democrat State Committee should take over the payment of the salary of these heros as long as they remain in contempt of the House – the state should dock their pay.

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