Massachusetts Stand with Walker & Wisconsin Rally February 22, 2011

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Wisconsin’s elected officials are working to keep their promises to cut spending and those addicted to the government’s money are protesting it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 the Tea Party groups in Massachusetts will have a rally at the State House  at 4:00 Pm To 6:00PM.

You Taxes At work. What a great example these teachers are showing our kids

If you can Atend ,  Please Come by Tuesdayor  4:00 Pm To 6:00PM, the tea party groups Of Mass are asking you to do so.  

Again, the rally is at 4-6pm at the State Capital tomorrow Tuesday, February 22, 2011.

“Where is our response? Who is going to stand with Governor Scott Walker?  Who is going to fight for the taxpayer?”

We Will Meet Across 10 Park St, Boston, MA 02108-4800 In The Commons…  

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  • is this not a fight for the people in wisconsin?seems that the people spoke on the last election cycle.the majority have won and can govern as the majority.if the minority want to complain let them,since i due not have the work week off,good is not on my too due list any time parking,has higher tax on restaurant food than my town,threat of being stoned to death by democratic majority.

  • CVarley

    Andover and Springfield as well as Boston!

    While the date and time are definitely inconvenient for most of us, I believe it is always worth the effort to show our support for the under represented taxpayer in MA.

    So join us if you are in the area –

    The MA Statehouse

    Tuesday, February 22

    4:00 – 6:00 PM

    Beacon and Park Streets

    If we do not stand up against the unions, we will continue to be owned by the unions.  The unions have chosen this battle and they are taking it nationwide, assuming most of us will lie down and take it.  If we don’t stand up to it now, then when?

    Here are some suggested sign slogans –

    I support Gov. Scott Walker

    Unions out of the Statehouse

    Collective Bargaining is EXTORTION

    No unions for public employees

    The SILENT Majority is asleep no more

    I represent 10,000 taxpayers who are WORKING today

    MA taxpayers are under represented on Beacon Hill

    I was not paid to attend today’s rally

    I am not sick – I don’t need a note

    Taxed Enough Already

  • Sounds like there is going to be an old fashion SHOWDOWN in Bean Town.

  • edfactor

    It is sad to see the north shore tea party uses such icky underlying Microsoft technology for its website, which is surely what sank the McCain 2008 presidential campaign. 😉

  • politicalmadman

    No offense but most people will be working and it’s very hard for them to get to Boston AND park somewhere for a reasonable fee in order to attend this event. Add in traffic and most would ahve tp start out at 2:00 to get there for 4:00. We are not State employees you know !!